Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Our attention span is short, and our interests are broad!" - Mira!

Window Display Wednesday!!!

There are so many fabulous shops here in downtown Santa Fe, NM. And the majority of them have great window displays throughout every season and holiday. I thought it would be fun to help recognize those who put together these wonderfully creative window displays in this cute little town where there is ENDLESS window shopping to do! 

This week I am starting off with this cheerful store just down the street from where I live that I love going into to take a look around or grab some eclectic earrings or pick up some TOMS. Mira is located off of West Marcy street one block over from the plaza. The window displays fall nothing short to what is waiting for you once you walk into their colorful doorway. 

Mira! means Look! Behold! See! And that is exacly what you want to do from the window display to the very back of the store to the dressing rooms and back around to the counter. You want to spend time, look around and take in the edginess and culture of this contemporary boutique.

The fashion-forward manikins in the window display make you want to purchase the whole outfit and walk out of the store rocking it from head to toe!

Window shopping for some local Christmas presents or stocking stuffers? One look at the little display in this window and you know you will leave Mira happy with something different and cultural.

I noticed the hours on the window corner and it says 10 ish am - 6 ish pm. That was one of my favorite things. Let's be honest, shall we? Love it. I can totally see the girls who work in this shop saying "well, it does say 'ish' on the window..." 
These girls have been friendly and never "pushy" every time I walked into the store, whether I bought something or not. But looking at them, you know they fit in with the vibe of the store and the energy that they carry completes the laid-back, care-free, fun, and hip environement that you are browsing in. It's a very enjoyable space to be in, much like the holiday inspired and cheerful window display. Rhonda Huntress is the window designer       of Mira. She was very kind to let me have a little tid-bit about this store in my blog; Love & Light, Rhonda! 

No matter where your creativity and knack for design leads you, just make sure that you love your space and display it for others to Mira! and Enjoy!

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