Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." - New England proverb


Finding gems at the thrift store is a pretty rewarding feeling. Walking out with a bargain price and something good is rare. So, here's an ode to the things we can find at consignment stores for a SUPER great price but we only 1/2 like them. Let's re-do them! Let's recycle objects or throw-aways or thrift store finds and alter them to fit into the spaces that we live in every day. Finding things for a bargain price in the world we live in now is not only a service to our wallets but also to our landfills and debt. 

SO....Let us get started with some simple chairs this week! 

I found these babies at Goodwill. I love how the fabric on them already matches the Santa Fe Southwestern  feel. But the chairs themselves are pastel lime/Florida green. BLEGH!!! These squaty chairs are going to be going in the kitchen with the little table I have. Each chair was $14 each. A little steep, but going to be worth it I believe. 
1. The fabric I chose has colors that are in the kitchen. (The sweet lady owning my place doesn't want big changes happening, so painting the kitchen won't be happening.) That's ok! I'll just match the things I put in it to what I already have to work with. This fabric was 30% on sale. I got one yard of it, hoping that I don't mess up anything and need to go get more. 

2. I got Krylon Satin Black spraypaint. As long as I clean and lightly sand down the plastic, the spraypaint should be good to go on my little chairs. 

So, spraypaint, sand paper, and fabric, that's $22 + $28 for the chairs. A re-do for $50!!!! And all of it at Hobby Lobby!

NEXT THURSDAY: The reveal of the brightly colored Goodwill chairs!! 

See you next week

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