Friday, December 2, 2011

"The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!" - Charles N. Barnard


Buying or getting things that are already made for us is a time saver, no doubt! And sometimes, that's the best road to take. But SOMETIMES it's much more fun and hopefully $$ saving to Do-It-Yourself. Being a part of something that you see from scratch and then it comes to life is such a rewarding feeling. It's accomplishment within yourself that you are able to come up with something, or even copy an idea, get the peices of it, and build or create it to be used and enjoyed in your space.

This week, in honor of the fresh new month we are in, I am doing a Christmas tree!! 

I am so excited for it! I am not wanting to spend the money on a real or fake tree and the ornaments and the lights and such. Moving to a new place means that, sadly, I did not bring my holiday decorating with me. The place that I live in is much too small to be filled up with a tree anyways. BUT I do need a little bit of something reminding me of the tradition and heart-warming appearance of a beautiful tree in my home growing up. 

The origin of the Christmas tree origionaly was recorded back in the 15th and 16th centuries by Livonia and Germany. Of course, it came out of the church. The symbol of the tree around Christmas time was for the religious feast day for Adam and Eve, being December 24th. That's the day that they would decorate the tree with apples (signifying the forbidden fruit,) wafers (representing redemption,) and a star on top (symbolizing the Star of Bethlehem.) The evergreen tree was called the "Paradise tree." Once the tree became more popular in court yards and wealthier Protistant families, they would put candles on the trees, when candles were expensive and hard to come by. Growing in popularity the trees then began to be decorated with candy canes, tinsel, paper flowers, nuts, lights, etc. for the children. The decorated evergreen trees then progressed to department stores and then into homes. 

Here are a few images of some of the early Christmas trees and then some more modern ones. And then some great DIY trees for smaller spaces. 

Now, here are the materials for the tree that I will be making over the next week:

What kind of ideas do I have floating around with all of this?! 

Either way, it all cost me $44 from the Home Depot!!!!

More to come next week for DIY Friday

See you next week

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