Monday, December 12, 2011

"Man, it could never be uptown. It's bound to be downtown." - Frank Sinatra 'This Town'

Movie Monday!!!

Today's movie is Matchstick Men (2003) directed by Ridley Scott. AWESOME MOVIE! I picked this one because I had remembered that a lot of the movie was shot in Nicholas Cage's house, which was in Los Angeles, CA. And watching it again proved I was right!

The best scenes I could find of Nicholas Cage's house was in this YouTube clip. It focuses on his OCD disorder, but there are great shots of the house. He has a cleaning issue which I find to be, not quite funny... but I have a little empathy with it I guess. I tend to be an over-cleaner and organizer I think. I am not diagnosed OCD but I do annoy my boyfriend with how much things I move around and all the sweeping and mopping I ask him to do, poor guy. 

I love the architecture and the interior design of the house. The house, located at 3508 Meier St., was built in 1948. It is one floor with four bedrooms. It was last sold in 2005 for $1.2 million.

Just because this house was built in the 40's doesn't mean that it doesn't have fabulous architectual aspects. In the movie, the furnishings are a little 1970's and retro, but they are amazing and now feel modern. There is the brick wall, the lamps, shelving, the carpet, and so on that add such great quality to the feel of the exterior and interior of this LA home. A funny thing I noticed was how OCD Cage was about carpeting. He made sure it was SPOTLESS, discussed it in his therepy, and then ended up working in a carpet store in the end of the movie. I love that he was so passionate about keeping that carpeting clean. 

The next few pictures are just examples to shop around with for some updated furnishings that are similiar to the ones in this house. Another thing that you could look into if you love this look is the architect and artist couple Charles and Ray Eames. They are the ones who helped invent the more modern look of homes and furniture from the 1950's to the 70's. They had a HUGE impact on society during those years.  The lounge chair is one of theirs and it's running for $3,200! Way to be succesful!

Hope you have enjoyed this movie of the week! I really loved the space in this California house, as well as the heavy Frank Sinatra soundrack.

See you next week. 

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