Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Renew Your Life" - ACC

Window Wednesday!!!

Today's window dispay comes from the Antiques & Home Furnishings store, ACC, located right in the plaza in Santa Fe. 
This cozy, cabin-style home furnishing store has been on my mind since I moved here. Of course. It is to die for inside. It is only appropriate that they would have an amzing window display. There are only two days of the year that this place is closed. Christmas Day. And the day they set up all their Christmas decorating and window displays. 

Go ahead and tell me you don't want your house to look like this around the holidays. Imagine being all bundled up, your hunny on your side, sipping on a hot chocolate from the Haagen-Dazs bakery, walking by these windows and there is a warm and cozy feeling coming from deep inside of you.

I imagine that would have been my goal if I were the one putting up these beautiful displays. 

Also note the deer print chairs in the 'white' windows (pictures 2 & 5) are also on their website in a beautiful display in the forest. 

Thanks ACC for allowing me to use your holiday window display in my decorating blog. I can only hope that I will see you again soon!!! 

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