Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"When snow falls, nature listens." -Antoinette van Kleeff

I got hit with snow again as soon as I had some days off. I won't be posting Window Wednesday or Thrift store Thursday this week. On top of two jobs and a very hurt shoulder, I have been taking a little time off to sleep and heal. I am hoping that next week I will be back it. I do have some heavy holiday work hours coming up though. I am sure as soon as the holidays pass I will have more time to be keeping up on my weekly blogging. Thank you so much for being patient and following along with me. 
I am at peace with my blogging and proud that I am doing it. I am a little discouraged by the work load and weather but am not stressing about it. I have plenty of time and plenty of motivation for my blogging future! 
Thanks again! See you next week. 

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