Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Sometimes life gives us lessons sent in ridiculous packaging." - Dar Williams

Answer this: Can I have a nature-friendly themed tree with sparlky, bright, busy presents under it?

1. Paper or plastic at the grocery store?
2. Remember those pine needles and pinecones from the last trip up on the mountain for the tree ornaments?
3. Hemp? Who doesn't love hemp?!
4. Stamps are too much fun to pass up!
5. Ta-Da

Paper bags from the grocery store make for perfect wrapping paper. If there is a logo on the front, no problem. Just turn them inside out. I debated for a minute actually leaving the logo on the front side of the packages. I decided while sticking to the vibe I was going for, the simpler the better would look good. BUT it's not a bad idea to leave the logo out. You could even add your own stamps or stickers to the packaging.  

I had already picked AND spray painted the pinecones for the tree I had made the other week. So I just pulled them out and spruced (haha) them up a bit. 

I grabbed a large roll of hemp (which has so many other green uses) from Hobby Lobby for no more then $6. 

I also had picked up the dove/peace stamp from Hobby Lobby along with an ink pad. I figured I could use the ink on other stamps I am bound to love AND I can re-use my stamp next year. 

And there, for a small, small fee, are my simply wrapped gifts under my semi-natural tree.  

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