Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"But I don't think that sculpture belongs in everyday life like a table does, or like a chair." - Anthony Caro

Kitchen Chairs: Done!

Remember my chairs I picked up from Goodwill months ago? I finally had the time to finish them and now the time to put them up. All I needed was a new stapler, more black spray paint, a sunny, dry day, and the time. 

I picked up a stapler for $24 and four cans of black KRYLON spray paint that was good for plastic @ $6 each.

Plus the previous price of $28 for the chairs and $22 for the spray paint and fabric.

I didn't use all of the spray paint, so I'd say this project comes to $86, which is steeper then I'd like to go for re-doing a set of chairs. But it is all about trial and error and starting somewhere with these projects. That and a lot of love.

List of the steps I took: 

1. Wiped down with soap and water, getting any dirt, dust, or grime. 

2. Sanded by hand all the plastic, just to rough it up. (I noticed a red color underneath the green, and I smiled becuase I was excited to be continuing a project on these chairs that have seen it before.) 

3. One coat of spray paint, let dry, then two, three, and finally four coats did the trick (I wanted to make sure I got every inch of those suckers black.)

4. I measured and cut the fabric to each chair. I used an exacto-knife to cut around the corners. 

5. I used a heavy-duty Gorilla glue to tuck in the edges around the bases. 

6. Starting at one side, I pulled tight underneath and tucked in as much edging as I could before stapling around the previous brass brads that were in it.

7. Then you go directly across to pull tight that side. Then do the other two sides underneath the same way. 

8. As the chairs were flipped upside down to staple on the fabric, the tops of the chair posts got scratched up, as well as tucking in of the fabric exposed more of the previous color, leading to...

9. There is a much better way to make sure the paint doesn't get on the fabric once you do wip that out AFTER the fabric is down. For some reason, not sure if my fingers were cold, but I couldn't manage to miss the fabric. Oh well, adds character to my new, first re-done kitchen chairs. 

10. They now sit it my tiny kitchen and are ENJOYED, bringing color and comfort to the tiny room. 

And it wasn't that hard. I'd say a total of 3-4 hours including picking up the tools and going  back to the store. I hope that it inspires you to work on some things to add spunk and glimmer and personality to the space that you love!

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