Friday, April 6, 2012

"As Americans, we have fought hard for the heritage of our beautiful and clean land." - Matt Liparulo

Loving your space backpack

It's hard, isn't it? It's hard for me to imagine it too. I live for decorating walls and organizing closet space, and matching colors, and making any space cozy. 

This blog, today, is dedicated to my bad a** brother, Matt.  He's determined and passionate. He's full of faith and laugher. He's my best friend of all friends. 

Here is the info on his newest project: 
Kickstarter (2 days left!)

Matt's checklist on how to pack his home away from home into his new space:
Order to pack backpack: Start: bag must be empty, complete pre-made checklist of gear required before begin packing, lay out all gear, have a "spotter."
Begin: bottom large pocket; trash bags, YakTrax, Mechaniz gloves, toe shoes, 6" knife.
Next: main pocket(go in this order); Survival kit, eating utensils, body care, warm weather clothes(assuming its nice out), extra underwear and socks, sleep wear(if not rolled up in sleeping bag), change of clothes. Look! Room for things on "items missing list."
Next: top-inner pocket; for things you may have to whip out and not rummage through your bag, 50' parachord, radio, extra Swiss Army knife, other pair of headphone that didn't go in survival bag, USB charger, ankle band, light sticks.
Next: top-outer pocket or side pockets; book, journal, notepad, maps(iPhone), water bottles.

And a list of EVERYTHING that will be his home for the next few years:
List of items in survival kit: 3 compressed face and body towels, 2 tubes of chapstik, 1 needle kit, 1 bottle of mixed pills (vitamins, allergy, cold and cough, sleep aids, pain killers; label for pills inside bottle), 2 pairs of finger nail clippers, 2 tooth brushes, 1 bottle of biodegradable soap, 1 disposable razor, 1 rubber band, 1 sticky note pad, 1 bottle of gorilla glue, 1 back of matches, 1 orange crayon, 1 pen, 1 fine point Sharpie pen, 1 wallet (to use as $, card, ID holder; don't bring anything else in your wallet, bare minimal), 1 GU pack, 1 red 12hr SnapLight, 1 miniature survival kit (items include: twine, 3 fishing hooks and line, extra small ziplock bags, 3 safety pins, 1 paper clip, 1 square foot of foil (mirror, bowl, stove top), wire (traps), 1 surgical razor, 1 map reading compass, 1 whistle, 2 rolls of duck tape, "Survival Guide" booklet), 3 hand warmers, 1 philips head screw driver, 1 pen LED flashlight, 1, Buck knife w/ flashlight, 1 hat bill flashlight, 1 tent wall and sleeping bag repair kit, 1 bottle of Iodine pills (water filtration), 1 Swiss Army knife, 2 Emergency space blankets, 2 blocks of fire fuel, 1 waterproof bottle full of waterproof matches, 1 lighter with medical tape wrapped around it, 1 ziplock bag (full of gauze pads, bandaids, sanitizer wipes and ointment), 1 bottle of Neosporin, 1 pack of moleskin, 3 packs of EmergenC, a roll of extra ziplock bags, 4 2' cords of utility rope, the bags laid out above the REI bag is for organizing what is spread around.

List of items in backpack: 1 black trash bag, 1 white trash bag, 2 grocery bags, 1 Ebit foldable stove, 1 plastic bowl, 1 set of plastic ware, 1 pot, 3 sticks of SnapLight, 1 reflective ankle band (for walking by a road), 1 radio (with super bright LEDS, FM, AM, WeatherBand, USB plug for music, winder and solar panel to charge batteries), 50' of parachord, 1 pair Mechanix gloves, 1 pair YakTrax, 1 Swiss Army knife, 1 Gerber 6" knife, 1 bottle of sunscreen, 1 tube of deodorant, 2 pairs of earphones, 1 pack of organic meal bars, 1 map (or iPhone in my case), 1 USB battery charger, 1 small Bible, 1 small journal, 1 small draw pad (most pages ripped out to make it smaller).

Clothes (mine are not ideal, but I used them for a visual): 
1 pair of REI pants, 1 pair of REI shorts, 1 swim suit, 1 pair of hiking shoes, 1 pair of sandals/toe shoes, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 non-cotton t-shirt, 2 pairs of "workout" or "active" underwear, 1 warm-wind-waterproof jacket(not pictured), 1 pair of warm socks, 2 pairs of "active" sock, 1 warm head cover, 1 pair gloves, SLEEP WEAR; 1 pair underwear, 1 pair pajamas, 1 warm shirt, 1 pair socks (these items NEVER leave your sleeping bag!).

List of items missing in pictures: tent, sleeping bag/pad, hiking poles (optional), 1 week's worth of food, glasses/contacts case, solar charger for phone-camera-iphone(map), camera (lenses, memory cards, batteries), hat, bandana, water bottles.

I wish you all the Love&Light in the world on your new journey, brother! Thank you for sharing with us your new home...Just goes to show no matter where your journey takes you... you will always have the opportunity to Love Your Space.


  1. Your brother rocks! I love that he is doing this! I lived out of a backpack for six weeks when I traveled through Europe - but my survival kit was a jar of Nutella and Let's Go Europe. Can't imagine doing what he's doing! What an adventure!

  2. Thank you Melanie! This looks great!! You put it together very well and gave an interesting aspect to my "space," makes me feel like I should add more colors!