Monday, May 14, 2012

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss


Here it is... I am in the last two weeks of my life in Santa Fe, NM.     It's... bittersweet. Truly. I almost don't know what to think. 

I love it here. I love the different people. I love the heritage and history. I love the tourist-town vibe. I love the galleries. I love the turquoise (oh the turquoise.) I love the mountains. But I think what I love more is the love that grew here. In my faith. In myself. And in my relationship. 

This is my view - minus some decorations I took up to Colorado. (I took it with Pano on myiPhone)

I love this space. It's small, simple, and quiet. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, we just finished the guy's t-shirts we printed to help our trip out. Blake's doing a workout and we both are talking about the next move we are about to make.

I am loving my natural surroundings here (every season is different.) 
I love riding my bike throught the Plaza to get to work. 
I loved the 15 minute drive to work at the ski shop for the season (the trees along the winding road with white puffy snow clouds on them were breathtaking.) 
I love riding my bike around town with my boyfriend finding new deli's and bistros. 
I love when a storm is coming in and the sunset reflects the bright blues, purples, and oranges across the whole sky. 
I love the friendships I've found here. 
I love that this whole journey has opened my eyes and ears to the things going on around me, and also the inviting feeling to pick up and take my adventerous soul elsewhere...
I don't want to settle down here... I have other places to see and faces to meet. 
I get to be back home in Colorado for a few weeks hanging with my family and friends. 
The place I rent out is month to month and a very temporary set-up. 
I'm itching for change. 
I'm eager and excited to see the growth in all areas of my life because of the move. 
I have all the love and gratitude for this sweet town and I'll be leaving on a great note! 

Dream Big Ride Far:
I'll be posting up a blog about the next trip I'll be going starting around July -----> LOOK for it soon!
I designed and then we screen printed a bunch of these shirts (above)
 We have *****men's t's XL-S for $20***** and *****women's t's L-XS for $20*****, going towards the new journey fund. Please email me (under the about tab) if you're interested.

So, this is it! Two weeks left! I'm taking it all in and saying my goodbyes. I'm learning more and more ways to organize and put away all my belongings into boxes and bins. I'm looking forward to the lessons I'll be learning while having my household items put away for who knows how long. I'll have the time to catch up on a bunch of reading and finishing up my courses online for interior decorating. I also am looking forward to finding my own way to bring nature into my style for home decorating in the future. 

{Here's to the next few months, whether in an empty studio, my family's guest room, and then a bunch of hotels and my new home being in a tent along the Pacific Coast! I know that with the talent I have I will Love My Space, wherever it leads me.}


  1. So excited for you! A great adventure lies ahead. Leaving behind a home that was a blessing - but keeping the memories! Looking forward to hearing about the future.

  2. Thanks so much! I am so excited for this next journey that I have been blessed to take! No matter what's a new journey. Love&Light Kathleen!

  3. I love the shirts. I hope you post a pic of the girl shirt after you made it into a girlie tank top. So cute! I am hoping I get mine made today. Bella's too.