Tuesday, June 5, 2012

“A house without books is like a room without windows.” - Horace Mann

Book Party!

My dad is a writer. Aside from smoking cigars on the back deck with his laptop in front of him, he also has to throw his own book launch parties. With five thriller novels and one young adult series of six books, my family and I throw launch parties and book signings like no one's business. {Credit: my wonderful Mom is really the brains and the brawns behind all the operations! You rock, Mom.}

This last week, the week I moved back to Colorado for the month, my dad had a huge party at Barnes&Nobles to promote the release of his latest thriller, The 13th Tribe (Thomas Nelson Publishing.)

There was a four day notice and a $130 budget for my mom to get this party rocking. Of course, without asking, I jumped in on this opportunity to help her with the decorations and such. Don't you just love the colors of this cover? Party colors for sure

I jumped on Pinterest : my go-to for quick ideas and inspirations (gosh, I love Pinterest.) 

I found this PERFECT book party link to Amelie's House blog {go check it out!} I also found a couple more ideas through random pins on Pinterest. Check out my Partaay board here.

As you know, I am not just an observer... I get things done! A few late nights and a couple trips to  Party City, Costco, and Walmart and.... Let's Take A Look! 
{Photo credit: my mom took all the pictures while working and keeping the snacks stocked up, thanks mom!}

 My dad, Robert Liparulo, signing books. Look at all those books! Notice the colors of the balloons - perfect! 

 I took an old book and cut out the pages to make these little banners to spruce up the table.

 My mom, Jodi Liparulo, made wonderful wedding cake with frosting and blue sprinkles. We then made the little books to stick into the tops.

 The table: black table cloth with green napkins and blue stars, a jar for drawings of books, the wreath I pulled directly from that cute little blog {Amelie's House} and quickly made one with the old book of pages I cut up. Then  there were a few snack foods for everyone (no one needs to be getting cranky!) 

These are the books that were up for the drawings. We wrapped them in clear wrapping with white polka dots and sparkly ribbon and added the "bookworm" candy worms packages to each one. 

That's it! The 13th Tribe book launch party! What I enjoyed the most about this proccess (besides the colors and seeing hard work pay off on a budget) is that my family really knows how to come together and support one another. We supported my dad for his dedication and success of his book, we supoorted my mom for being the backbone to getting things done, and in the car, and set up at the event, and they supported my creativity and inputs about...well...everything. 

If you have time to check out my dad here is his information: 

I know that this strays a little from my home decorating posts, but so what?! Creative design and decorating is creative design and decorating! And I do believe that there are many ways to put love into ANY kind of SPACE. The table space that my dad needed to 'launch' his party from blah to fabulous (as my Aunt Stacie would say) was much needed and I'd say kicked butt. So...again... no matter where your space is...I hope that this will help you with more ideas to LOVE IT! Love&Light friends. 


  1. Yeah, you tell it like it is!

  2. So Cool, it would of been fun to be there! I love your Dad's books. He is an amazing author!!!